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Monday, July 1, 2010


It is the secret wish for millions of people. They dream about getting a book published. According to Susan Driscoll and Diane Gedynmin in Get Published! “…83 percent of Americans …say they want to write a book. Yet few ever do.” Many people make some attempt at writing a book but they have no background in the publishing world to even know where to get started. Instead of pursuing their dreams with full force, they remain unfulfilled without anyone to guide them in the process.


Over the last 20 years, Terry Whalin has met many people who have this desire to get published and taught at numerous writers’ conferences. The author of more than 60 books with traditional publishers and a journalist who has written for more than 50 print publications, Whalin has poured his skill and experience into JUMPSTART YOUR PUBLISHING DREAMS, INSIDER SECRETS TO SKYROCKET YOUR SUCCESS (March 2010 revision release, 288 pages from WTW Press).


As Rick Frishman, Publisher, Morgan James Publishing said, “From his many books, Terry understands what writers go through to get published and that experience is combined with his knowledge as an editor and now literary agent in Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams. He has created a roadmap for any would-be writer to follow. His practical advice is combined with his personal stories. You need the insight in these pages.”           


Or Rick Hamlin, Executive Editor of Guideposts magazine, one of the top circulation publications in the United States said, “I can’t think of a better person to guide aspiring writers through the publishing world.  Terry Whalin knows the business from all sides of the desk.  His advice is practical, direct and easy to follow.  You can’t read a chapter of Jumpstart without feeling a little wiser.  And that’s not just for unpublished writers either.”


Michael S. Hyatt, CEO and President of Thomas Nelson, one of the largest publishers said, “Publishing is a complex business. Because Terry has been a magazine editor, an acquisitions book editor, an author and now a literary agent, he knows the inside scoop. Jumpstart captures his experience and serves it in easy-to-apply portions for every reader.”  


The book is released in multiple formats including trade paperback and Ebook. You can learn more and purchase JUMPSTART YOUR PUBLISHING DREAMS in the various formats at: www.wtwpress.com or www.jumpstartdreams.com. Read a free sample of the book at: www.terrylinks.com/jypd or watch the short book trailer at: www.terrylinks.com/JumpBT .  


As readers follow the insight in this title, they will be able to get published in 2010 and accomplish their dreams and desires.